We combine traditional outreach strategy with innovative technology.

NWF Consulting
Our consulting team develops adaptable research-backed plans of action to guide your campaign toward success. We develop strategies by analyzing targetted demographics to determine trends and issues most resonant with your audience. At every step of the way, we will be ready to support and provide guidance.

NWF Field Operations
From phone banking to door-to-door canvassing, we deliver engaging community-focused interactions. Our consultants will be working hands-on to ensure that your targetted audience is reached. If you have mailers to be packaged, emails to be sent, or any other on-the-ground campaign literature needs, our team will get it done.

The NWF Network
With our robust network of ambassadors, we mobilize powerful volunteer-fueled efforts at the grassroots level. Our volunteers are active and engaged, selected from colleges, high schools, and clubs. We train and build the infrastructure to manage high-productivity teams.

Opposition Research
We conduct in-depth research on key candidates and issues. We break down complex political problems into clear and easy-to-use policy documents. We help candidates and organizations build platforms that work towards lasting and systemic change.

Our number-vetting and donor research system raises funds efficiently and effectively. We provide the logistic support to organize effective fundraising events and follow-through services for potential donors.

Digital Marketing
We build personable and memorable messaging. From social media to websites and email campaigns, our team will work with you to define your digitial presence, grow your audience, and build loyalty.

We offer innovative solutions across the nation and at all levels of government.


City Council, City Board, Mayors, and County Board of Supervisors


State Assembly, State Senate, and Congress


State Treasurer, State Insurance Commissioner, and Governor


Issue advocacy