About Us

Our Mission

We drive campaigns into the 21st century. Through providing traditional consulting services fueled by cutting-edge data analytics, we prioritize your needs above all else. Our goal is to provide high-quality work and flexibility to our clients to ensure victory for their campaigns.


Out of the global technology center of Silicon Valley, we started as a group of individuals who wanted to make a change. In an industry that remains comparatively primitive, New Way Forward emphasizes pushing the boundaries of traditional political consulting. Technology stretches into every aspect of the world, yet political consulting remains relatively untouched.

As such, New Way Forward is always looking to improve its services through leveraging technology, efficiently garnering support for our clients’ campaigns while also maintaining cost-effective practices. We make the political system more accessible to everyone across the United States—when you work with us, every cent contributed to this firm will be reflected in your campaign’s success.

We’re currently working to pioneer the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into the political sphere to lower costs and provide more precise, extensive services to clients specifically designed to cater towards a campaign’s needs. Today, we’re developing tools to make the campaign more accessible and more cost-effective to aspiring politicians across America.

Our staff is composed of highly skilled and passionate individuals with extensive leadership experience in each of their respective fields. From congressional and mayoral races to issue advocacy campaigns, every officer has worked within leadership positions across a multitude of major campaigns.

When you work with New Way Forward Strategies, you’re working with a diverse group of passionate leaders, experienced consultants, and people dedicated to bringing your campaign victory. You’re working with our interns, hundreds of talented, passionate students and young adults from a multitude of backgrounds, motivated towards your campaign’s goals.

Management Team

Sathvik Kaliyur, Co-Founder, CEO

Jonathan Li, Co-Founder, CFO

Dhruv Singh, Founding Partner

Joyce Chen, Director of Research

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