Statewide Level

New Way Forward Strategies provides a variety of services for Statewide Level campaigns. Our focus for these campaigns is to maximize name recognition, gain endorsements from many municipal level leaders and elected officials, and build an expansive volunteer base,

Service List

Field Operations

We help develop the infrastructure required to conduct field work like canvassing, phone banking, and text banking using data from the voter database and provide team members from our staff to assist with these operations. Our team also provides graphic design services, email outreach infrastructure, and social media development.

Volunteer Base Development

Volunteer Base Development: One of our specialities is volunteer base development. We use our contacts with school counselors from across the state to build a robust base of youth volunteers to your specifications. We can also handle training and turf assignments for field staff, as well as developing the field outreach leadership structure, and office placement strategy.


Fundraising: We provide number vetting and donor research services to maximize effectiveness. Additionally, we provide logistic support for fundraising events along with follow through service for potential donors.

Message Consulting

Message Consulting: We analyze campaign messaging and gauge its effectiveness. We use previous election data, demographic information, and the key issues of the race to not only determine what campaign messages resonate best with voters, but also how different campaign themes affect different groups of voters. The precision of our method allows voter communication to be much more effective.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting: Our team understands that their are different factions and coalitions at play in statewide politics, and thus we will utilize our current body of research to create a full outreach strategy outline for our clients. This outreach strategy will include: analysis of demographic groups and counties, cities, and neighborhoods most likely to support our client, a list of community leaders and officials who are influential with key communities, a list of leaders and communities alienated by other candidates, and any other information relevant to our client’s campaign. With our outline, we will also provide endorsement outreach to facilitate introductions with local leaders and provide in-depth background research on them to increase effectiveness.

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