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The New Way Forward

Founded in Silicon Valley, New Way Forward Strategies ties together traditional outreach and strategy with innovative and disruptive technology. We are dedicated to campaigning efficiently and generating change effectively. When you work with us, every cent contributed will be reflected in your campaign’s success.

Our Services

The NWF Network

With our robust network of ambassadors, we mobilize powerful volunteer-fueled efforts at the grassroots level.

NWF Consulting

Our consulting team develops adaptable research-backed plans of action to guide your campaign toward success.

NWF Field Operations

From phone banking to door-to-door canvassing, we deliver engaging community-focused interactions.


Our number vetting and donor research system raises funds efficiently and effectively.

Digital Marketing

We analyze targeted audiences to build personable and memorable messaging.

Opposition Research

We conduct extensive research and develop policy documents on key candidates and issues.

Our Work


City Council, City Board, Mayors, and County Board of Supervisors


State Assembly, State Senate, and Congress


State Treasurer, State Insurance Commissioner, and Governor


Issue advocacy

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