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The New Way Forward

We drive campaigns into the 21st century. Through providing traditional consulting services fueled by cutting-edge data analytics, we prioritize your needs above all else. Learn More


Our Work

Municipal Level

For City Council, City Boards, Mayorship, and County Board of Supervisors.

Multi-County Level

For State Assembly, State Senate, and Congressional Races.

Statewide Level

For State Treasurer, State Insurance Commissioner, or Governor.

About Us

Founded in Silicon Valley, New Way Forward Strategies was created to bring campaigns into the 21st century by tying together traditional services and innovative and disruptive technology. We make the political system more accessible to everyone across the United States. Our services are effective and efficient—when you work with us, every cent contributed to this firm will be reflected in your campaign’s success.


“I loved working with NWF Strategies. They’re incredibly proactive, committed, and provide high-quality services.”

Sunita Verma